Cricket Time

It is definitely that time of year again! Crickets are chirping and dancing around all the stores. Here are some interesting facts on the cricket!! Crickets, family Gryllidae, are insects somewhat related to grasshoppers, and more closely related to katydids or the brush crickets (family Tettigoniidae) and Weta (families Anostostomatidae and Rhaphidophoridae). They have somewhat flattened bodies and long antennae. There
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Creatonotos Gangis

Creatonotos gangis is a species of arctiid moth found in South East Asia and parts of Australia. It’s creepy and it uses odd structures on its abdomen to spread pheromones.  

It’s Termite Time. Are you ready?

Termites have been around since the time of the dinosaurs…..they eat 24 hours a day on your home. It is estimated that they cause over 5 billion dollars in damage a year. Things you can look for around your home are small mud tubes around the base of your home, wings in piles of your window sills, and any water leaks
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Lacewings: a biological pest control

Are you noticing a bunch of green winged friends… they are small, very lacy looking wings… This is where they get there name..the Lacewing…never fear…they are actually very beneficial to your home environment…they eat insect eggs, aphids, thrips, mealy bugs and much more!!! Do your research and you will see, don’t kill them, keep them around